Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blowing Dogs?

I know the old saying is raining cats and dogs which is supposed to be a horrible thing...

Obviously they have never seen blowing dogs!!

Newfies shed their undercoat twice a year, this is our first experience with it.
Mind you this is just one brushing, he has had 2 before this and still needs a few more before its all gone.

The dog isnt the only thing fuzzy apparently.
He was pitching a fit to go out after this and then for a truck ride to get a burger.

Wierd thing is I saved the fur. They tell me its good to spin and knit with so when I go south in a few weeks I'm gonna pick up a hand spindle.

Enjoy your fur free house! 


  1. bahahahahah! oh i am so sorry but that is a heck of a lot of hair!!! i have a cat who sheds twice a year and during those times there are tufts of cat hair floating around the house and there is just no getting them all swept up! i can't imagine how much fur must be floating around your house - bahahahah! oh, so sorry!

    make sure to take pics when you get your spindle - i would love to see how to spin the fur.

    your friend,

    1. When researching this breed before getting Bear one of the cautions we saw was that if you don't like consuming more than your average share of hair don't get a Newfie.

      Between the 2 indoor cats and Bear,I'm sure we consume a great deal of it. Some days it could be an hourly sweep up if one had the time.
      Your friend,