Friday, April 6, 2012

A Big Fat Goose Egg!


I've been working on a second and third raised bed for herbs. One of which is going on the back of our barn. In this bed I have plans to plant all flowering herbs as well as some hopi black sunflowers. Framed by the red of the barn and the barn quilts, I think it will be very pretty.

This bed was no easy task. First came moving the railroad ties and cutting them to size. Then breaking the ground up in the new bed. Now I am emptying the compost bed into the new bed (to be followed by top soil) which of course involves emptying the compost bed into wheelbarrows, trucking it over to the new bed and dumping and spreading it.

The compost bin gets most of our yard waste. Weeds that have been pulled, grass clippings on occasion (we usually let those lie where they fall), dirt gets added to it in layers, and of course some nice earthworms. Then it gets a cover during the winter to help it cook.

Well, long story still long....I go out yesterday to start the emptying of the bin. Get about 2 spadefulls into it and stop.

(A big fat goose egg!)

We have a ton of Canadian Geese in the area that nest across the road in the bog. There was no obvious nest to this, it was jammed into some dirt and hay that had been on top of the bin. All I can think is that maybe a raccoon carried it over, hiding it for later eating.

The egg is currently sitting in the fridge. Plan to blow it out over the weekend then bake it for a few to toughen the shell and find a pretty little birds nest after laying season is over to put it in.

Who would have thunk it?


  1. wow! that is one awesome egg! and you got quite a lot accomplished yesterday! and i love your new header and layout!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks Kymber, the picture will probably change from time to time. I took this one at the Native American Memorial at Little Bighorn National Battlefield.