Friday, April 20, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

Someone is spoiled rotten around here and it's not me!

He loves his new cooling pool. Though he was unsure about it at first. It quickly became the comedy sitcom of the neighborhood with neighbors coming out of their houses to watch Bear frolick in the pool. If you throw something that sinks in, he has to get it out of the pool, and he puts his whole face in and blows bubbles! The pool is good to stand and go around in circles for about a half hour then it becomes a game of tug of war to move the pool around the yard finally spilling it and then running around with the pool in his jaws like he won a prize or something.

Finally got Bears pack done and we have taken it for a test walk. He doesn't seem to mind having it on once he realizes that we are going for a walk.  Wasn't to much of a pain to construct even with the hand sewing.

We used a extra large dog harness and a set of Coleman ATV bags (19 bucks at Walmart).

Place the bag on table with bag openings to the table, then lay the harness in the postion that it would sit on the dog (this is the hard part making sure that nothing is tangled) The coleman bag has a circle hole in the center and this lines up perfectly with the dog's leash hitch on the harness. Pin into place and then tack with a hand sewing, making sure to use strong thread as this will see alot of wear and tear.  I went over some places with the sewing machine just to give it added strength.
And there you have a dog bug out bag or a dog walk backpack for less than 20 bucks (if you already have the harness.
Will try to get pictures this weekend of it on the dog.


  1. that Bear sure is gorgeous...AND spoiled!!! but what am i saying....i have a kiddie pool too - i just don't drag it around the yard in my mouth - bahahahahah!

    the dog harness looks great Beth...i look forward to pics of Bear wearing it!

    your friend,

    1. My neighbor across the road has a kiddie pool too...she has baby ducks! I'm sooo jealous. We are hoping to get the chicken coop built sometime. It's on a list somewhere. Have the wood for it just not the time lately.
      I'm so hoping that she gives me at least 2 duck eggs, since when I told the Grey Knight about the ducks, he was like what good are ducks, can you even eat the eggs?