Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend work

Imagine this full since I failed to take a before picture.
As you can see this is a healthy sized compost bin probably 6 ft by 4 foot in size and a good 2 and half feet tall. Yes this was full before. One goose egg and a mouse family later, its empty!

Here is where its all gone. You can see other summer projects in this picture as well. The roof on the left needs replacing, a gate is being built between the 2 building to hide the area, that wood on the right and all the wood in front of this barn needs to be spilt. We had a big wind storm that was a boon for our wood levels this year. The next raised bed that is being built is around the trees in the right side of the picture, there are 3 of them (small dwarf apple trees). The raised bed will encircle all 3 of them and will be planted with a apple guild then.

The Grey Knight has mandated that I take the day off today to give my hands a chance to heal. I don't know if anyone else has hand issues, but I do so much around here and then go inside to play in the water doing dishes cleaning , dog drool (LMAO) that my hands crack and bleed. I use a hand cream that they use on cow's udders called Udderly smooth, but if i dont use it like 4 times a day, I get in this shape on my hands.

Speaking of Dog Drool.... We are calling him Bear McHair lately as he is blowing out his coat. Tons of hair everywhere!!


  1. hey Beth! first off - man you sure are getting a lot done around there - keep up the good work!!! as for your hands - get yourself a pair of super thin gloves - you can get "overnight", manicure-style gloves in the cosmetics department of most stores. or just get a cheap cotton pair from somewhere. or use thin socks. right before bed, slather your lotion on and then put on your gloves/socks. try to keep them on all night - it might take some getting used to but will be worth it in the end. i use "bag balm" which is also used for cow's udders. i also use unpasteurized honey for the worst of the rips and tears. give it a try!

    the other thing is do you wear gloves when you are working in the yard? if not, you really should. and if you already do, try putting some plain talcum powder on your hands before putting on your gloves. that might help too.

    lastly - that Bear is one beautiful dog! i love him!

    your friend,

  2. Kymber- we spent a good hour going from store to store the other night looking for thin gloves , no luck. I may yet try the socks on my hands.

    As for gloves in the yard, I only wear them if I'm lifting stuff that might give splinters or woodworking. I find them too bulky for weeding and such.

    It does give one pause though, think if SHTF for real, all these folks that aren't used to farm work would be starting gardens and their hands and bodies would suffer. Any little cracks or cuts could be portals for infection. Kinda scary when you think about it.

    Beth and Bear McHair