Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sure, I settled!

The Grey Knight encouraged me for a while to start this blog so I would have a place to write down some of the stuff that goes on in this crazy head of mine. So far I've kept it farm related for the most part.

This will be my 1st personal post. So please excuse me, was a upsetting day and I'm gonna rant for a bit.

A note to someone in my life:

Sure, I settled.
I settled for a man that wakes me in the middle of the night
To hold me close.

Sure, I settled.
I settled for a man that realizes my body is my own
To control and use as I want
Who doesn't tell me to gain or lose weight, fix my hair, grow my nails
Or use my body in unspeakable ways.
I settled for a man who craves just the touch of my bare skin.

Sure, I settled.
I settled for a man that reaches over and holds my hand
Who encourages me to have ideas and pursue them
Who doesn't laugh at me, or tell me I'm stupid.

Sure, I settled.
I settled in a new life, where I know
Who I am, and what I want.
I settled into a life where I am happy
With where I am and who I am.

Sure, I settled, but it wasn't with you!


  1. this was beautiful....and i can't help but want more of the "backstory". did you get the seeds yet?

    your friend,

    1. The beautiful seed package arrived yesterday to lift my spirits along with your sweet bee card =) I jotted off a email to you but I know we all don't check it every day. Perhaps some day the back story to this will come out.

      Your friend,

    2. oh Beth - i am so glad that you liked the package and card! and i am glad that it lifted your spirits! i just went in and checked my email, got yours and responded!

      i would be interested in hearing any stories that you were willing to share!

      your friend,