Friday, June 22, 2012


Gee darn I guess I'm supposed to feel guilty now..

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It just leaves me speechless...


  1. Yep, I'm never gonna feel guilty because I'm balding, older, opinionated, and white. Just something else to distract us from the real problems of America ( too numerous to post ).

  2. i have to say that this makes me angry. and i hope that i don't offend anyone with what i am about to say. i have never owned a slave. i have never pushed an North American Aboriginal onto a reserve. i pray, if my memory serves me correctly, that i have tried my darndest to be respectful and civil to everyone i have ever met - those that pushed me got what i thought they deserved. i don't judge people on colour, ethnicity, religion, creed, etc.

    and i am sick to death of supposed to be feeling guilty for being white!!! i didn't choose my colour and neither did anyone else. i just want this "white guilt" thing to stop.

    sorry for ranting, Beth. your friend,

  3. And the odd thing is it's sponsered by University of Minnesota Duluth. Seriously you can't get more white than Minnesota.

    My big issue is that everyone denies reverse racism but this screams it! If we are supposed to be tolerant, doesn't that tolerance work both ways?

  4. i couldn't agree more....and there's the rub. we are supposed to be tolerant but every other race can have a grudge with us or hate us because we are white. it just doesn't make sense and i am sick of it! great post Beth!

    your friend,