Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation Post 2- Waving at Kymber

We are on stop 2 of our journey this week. We are staying in Chequamegon National Forest near Sailor Lake. As you can see, we are within waving distance of Kymber!

National Forest camping isn't for your people that want cable tv, bathrooms with lights and showers, or comforts from home. Most of the time we camp very rustic. However being so far out from civilization does have its drawbacks. 30/30 came with us for bears.

Hopefully by this time, we have a cooler chocked full of ice and fish. We are going to stop in Park falls sometime this trip near Fond Du Lac to pick up a couple of pounds of Obijwe wild rice. The Native Americans up here still farm it on the lakes.  Hoping as well to pick up a couple lbs of dried cranberries as they farm them up here as well. Cranberry Rice stuffed fish anyone?

We will be heading home in time for the 4th of July holidays, plus to catch up on weeding at the farm.


  1. teeheehee - well you are just about 1200 miles from me but you are very close to Canada - that's for sure! and i believe that if you are going to camp then it should be rustic! i am glad that you have the 30/30!!!!

    oh good luck on the fishing - jambaloney is sending his awesome fishing vibes to you guys! he says hello and hopes that you guys get a ton of fish!

    i am sending good vibes for wild rice - um yes - to the cranberry rice stuffed fish!!!! you can mail me my portion - thank you!

    i hope you guys are having an awesome time - you deserve it honey!

    your friend,

  2. The map reminds my of good times in the UP of Michigan. Enjoy yourselves! - K

  3. Old joke--roughing it for me is the Holiday Inn. It is 105 degrees here today. You are probably much cooler!