Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Campfire Biscuits/Vacation

Yes, we are back but while I catch up around here, I will be doing short posts about our vacation.

While we were at Black Hawk Memorial Park, I cooked for the first time with my Lodge dutch oven.

While I can cook with propane while camping I have been concerned if we can't or don't have propane about putting meals on the table.

So this was my first attempt.

Biscuits ready to go on. 8 coals under the oven. 16 on top. In hind sight, I would have tried to elevate the pan more from the bottom of the oven perhaps inverting another pan under the biscuit pan

Cooking away. Took about 12 minutes for these to cook. Rather simple recipe as well.

1 tbsp yeast
1/4 cup warm water (dissolve these 2 together)

3/4 cup reconstitued powdered milk
1/4 cup sugar
1tsp salt
1/4 cup oil
3 cups flour
(I would add an egg to this recipe as well to make it better)

Allow to rise for a couple hours in a warm sunny place, covered.
Makes 10 -12 biscuits.
The bottoms were a tad over done, but they were tasty with some sausage gravy over them.

And now for the gratitous cute Bear photo.

His first swimming experience!
He loves swimming now! The leash is because he doesn't really come well yet but loves being in the water!


  1. of course he loves the water and swimming and i am so glad that he got to go - woohoo for Bear! i think you are right about putting another pan under the biscuit pan. no matter - those biscuits look deelish! i am looking forward to more posts about your camping, what you did, what you ate, etc.!

    your friend,

    (oh p.s. - i have naturally-occurring heal-all and comfrey growing all over here. do you want me to get some seeds for you? still haven't identified sweet grass but we are still looking!)

    1. I could use seeds of both. Have some Obijwe wild rice seeds for you just have to sort things out here first. Grey Knight is off on vacation still this week so we are attempting to get things done even with the heat. Thanks for thinking of me.

    2. no probs...as soon as they go to seed i will save some for you! oh wild rice seeds - woohoo! i'd love 'em! but no pressure - get yourself sorted out. i am so sorry about the heat and no rain - i am sending our next rain storm your way - i know how to talk to them!!! i always think about you when i see wild herbs here and i am always smelling grass - bahahahaha!

  2. Love to see folks cooking in dutch ovens. We are HUGE fans of dutch oven cooking. If you ever need a good dutch corn bread recipe, check ours out. It's smart to plan ahead for cooking with different heating methods too. Last year I got comfortable with using charcoal briquettes, charcoal lumps and plain 'ol firewood. Judging the amount of embers is a little trickier with wood but still do-able for when you run out of charcoal.

    We have nothing growing right now. It's so darn hot here near phoenix that lately I don't want to do anything outside. I went for a walk with Sister (oldest daughter) to look for aluminum cans yesterday morning around 10am and was just this side of miserable. It could be worse though. We could be one of the 4 million people without power back east.

    Thanks for the update!

    1. If you like cooking over fire check out this site http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/

      She is like a grill goddess.

      I would love a good cornbread recipe! Please send? Thanks!
      The heat saps the life out of you shopping seemed like such a chore for groceries. Gonna do a pork loin braid on the grill tonight.