Monday, July 9, 2012

Prepper Overload?

Anyone else experience this? We have realized that we are severely disorganized in our preps. In a bug out situation, we would most likely end up leaving essentials behind simply because we couldn't find them.
The Grey Knight works from 5 am to 7pm 5 days a week, and we had been trying to get things done on the weekends along with prepping tasks as well as running the farm. I've kinda woken up and realized that since I'm home 7 days a week with just me and the dog during the week, I need to light a fire under my butt and take this organization on myself.
Of course, this also comes with my household chores, farm chores and all the drying, canning and weeding that comes with that. I'm not having a pity party just feeling a tad overwhelmed.
Right now I'm attempting to work at least a corner in the back shed clean and organized making lists of things we need to repair and/or get while cleaning and organizing that area. I'm also trying to locate indoor preps by category in one spot as well. One indoor, one outdoor project a day plus chores.

Of course, the type A in me feels this isn't going fast enough or that I'm not doing enough, anyone else get this kind of prepper depression?



  2. I get everything organized & then move it to a different spot & then panick when I realize I can't find or know where something is. I find that if I take inventory at least once a quarter my type A stress level goes down.

    Still looking for some charcoal filters that I put somewhere ... I paid good $$ for those, now where did I stash them?

  3. I think once we finish the modifications to the interior of the M109 I will be able to store alot of the preps in there. Today was spent organizing planting materials for winter crops and locating all farm implements that needed repairs and sharpening. Once I get that done, I will hang them all on the wall. Power tools are nice but gas may be very short.