Friday, July 13, 2012

Yuppies and the Drought

Reading the local new sources sometimes causes me to turn the air blue in our home office.

Drought stories are popping up at a greater rate locally and restrictions on watering and burning are being mandated for most towns near me. While we are on well water and don't rely on the town or city to provide water for us, the yuppies believe I should not be watering our food.

They comment on these drought stories with comments like prison terms for those wasting water on their gardens  (in my mind's eye, they are commenting as they drink their Double Lg extra Grande double shot something or other from Starbucks- who draws off the local water well) and sit in their corporate offices who are still watering their lawns (that don't grow food with town water).

Went out and about tonight (paying the insurance) and went by 3 golf courses who were actively watering at the time. I'm growing food for the winter and to put up for tough times. Last winter there were times we would have gone hungry if it hadn't been for my garden, but their 18 hole recreation time is more important!

We only water for an hour a day after dark and even that isn't keeping the veggies alive. I will be lucky if i pull a few melons this year. The pumpkins are baseball size and already turning orange. Corn is knee high and putting out tassels, definitely not a good yield sign. Beans are drying up. Taters are about dead, might be able to pull 20 lbs or so with what was grown earlier this season. Sure, I've harvested a bushel of onions and a nice container of garlic, but that's not going feed me for a year.
Can't tell what the salisfy is doing under the ground but the broccoli has yet to flower.

Meanwhile Mother Nature keeps teasing me. Out with Bear dog this afternoon and could see the storm clouds to the south of us and hear the thunder even. Rushed in to look at the radar. Was a pretty picture..
 But of course it stayed to the south of us and we didn't even see a drop. That will the news that next week we will be seeing triple digit heat again, the news just keeps getting better!


  1. oh Beth - i am so sorry to hear all of this. i am trying my darndest to get a rainstorm your way. stupid yuppies! hang in there hon and i will get you some rain!

    your friend,

  2. My grand parents had well water before the city line came in years later. They put the well water to the outside only for the yard. One hot summer a new neighbor had a fit because of them watering during a band. When someone from the city knock on the door. They let the guy in, talked, showed him the well connections, and they even tested the water. They did all the watering over night.

    City then told neighbor to basically piss off. If its your water tell them to take a flying....

  3. It's RAINING!!! Right NOW!! Been drizzling for about a half hour. Nice light rain not a soaker which is a really good thing will give it time to soak in. Doesnt look to hang out long and sure wont make up the deficit. At this point they estimate that we will need a good 12" to make up for what we havent had, but some is nice at least! Will knock down the dust for a few hopefully.