Saturday, July 7, 2012

Updates from the Garden

I know I have been doing vacation posts for the last few weeks, so I figured I would catch all of you up on what's happening on the farm.

As of this morning, the weeding is finally done in the main gardens. The heat hampered us alot in getting out and weeding but plugged at it a few hours in the morning a day.
So far it looks like it isn't a totally loss.  The carnival peppers are coming into colors, the jalepenos are there though not abundant. The cherokee beans seem to be loving this weather and the onions are flopping over giving sign they are ready to be pulled and cured.

The potatoes are looking like they will be ready to harvest soon. Think I messed up and got a early variety this year. The amish paste tomatoes are looking amazing. It's hard to believe I grew them from seed this year. Usually I have no luck growing them from seed. The radishes are putting up flowers and I've been saving them for seed along with saving seed from the Egyptian Walking onions and the chives. The salisfy is doing its thing underground (first year for this). The corn is in the same state as the rest of the corn in the state, though I do have a few tassels showing. The dill is thin and hopefully will go to seed and fill out the patch next year and the sunflowers are slowly pushing their way skyward.

The broccoli should have flowers by now but doesn't. The ghost pumpkins (white ones) are very sad with only one bitty one trying to survive. 1 of 4 of the sun and moon watermelons is alive still. 3 of the 4 cantalope (this amazing orange and red striped one) are thriving. The sugar pie pumpkins are taking over the rest of the plot. Looks like a few of the basket gourds and dipper gourds will make it.

This heat wave is supposed to break tonight for us, but of course no rain in sight at least in the 10 day forecast. Hopefully this will allow me to get out more next week and work on harvesting in the herb gardens and getting the dehydrators going. House needs to be finished painting and we have been slowly working on putting tires on the M109 at night. Just changing one of those tires is a chore at 400 lbs a piece.

Of course there is still the wood to split, should have at least a cord when it is all done. Now to get the woodstove! Going to work on my fire pit later in the month, I believe for cooking more outside with the dutch oven and of course dying yarns and fabrics and such.


  1. Keep at it! It seems that the work is never done, but it sure is nice to look back after a long day, and see what was accomplished.

    1. It sure is K, but I'm one of those type A's, I see what needs to be done not what I accomplished.

  2. hey hon...we are having a little rainstorm right now...after a beautiful day of sun - our weather conditions couldn't be better and i am hoping for a bumper crop of everything this year. the hopi blue corn you sent me is doing wonderfully - thank you so much!

    but what i really wanted to say is that i had a talk with this little rainstorm and asked him to go and visit i have exact directions from having your address, he thinks he can make it to you. he is going to try his bestest. you will have rain before 10 days!!! i am also going to do a rain dance for you....i have absolutely no idea how to do it but i will make it up as i go along!

    oh yes to saving seeds! i let 2 of my favourite lettuce bolt and their flowers are slowly turning into seeds - woohoo! i also have 3 types of kale that i let overwinter, they flowered and have already sent out seed pods. gonna let them be for another week or two - then i'll pick the dried pods and save their seed. want some?

    your friend,

    1. LOL visions of a naked rain dance. I will of course take any and all seeds more the merrier for my seed banks. I have shephards purse seeds too and rhubarb seeds as well that I've saved already.

      By the way look for a package heading your way, was mailed yesterday.