Thursday, July 5, 2012

More Vacation Photos

More vacation photos...

Flowers for Kymber
More flowers
Strange animal track...Wait I know this one!...It's a beth handprint! I was frogging by hand, then showing them to Bear. (He ate his share of deerflies and horseflies this trip and loved chasing the toads out of the campsite)  On the last night of camping, we had 3 ruffled grouse get startled by something and land directly 2 ft in front of Bear then roost on top of the tent.

North view from our campsite

also from our campsite, that bright area in the picture is the lake. Fishing gods didn't smile on us. Think we brought home 4 bluegills and 1 nice bass.

More tomorrow...

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  1. hey - those 5 fish are impressive! and of course i loved the flowers - thanks so much! i am loving these vacation posts and photos - are there more? pleeeeez???

    hope all is well. i have marked certain heal all flowers and comfrey for you. they should seed by late august and when they do i will dry them and send them to you. your friend,