Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vacation Post 1

Vacation Post 1- I have hopefully scheduled these for posting when we are away.

We are staying at a sweet county park that we found a couple years ago up in South West Wisconsin for a few days.

It's run by the county and to be honest is a gem of a campground. While you will find NO electricity, NO showers and lowly porta toilets for use, the park has so much to offer! A large lake that is teeming with bullheads, a river that offers a wide variety of fish, and a night sky that is unbelievable! There is no light pollution up here and at night it looks like a paint bucket of stars thrown across the sky. Just after dark, the hoots will start hooting at one another and won't stop til dawn!

The monument is something that I enjoy "defiling" or "counting coop" on everytime we come up here. This park was the site of a battle between Kickapoo Indians and the army where all the Indians were killed by the army. The Indians managed to take 4 of the army soldiers out and this monument is dedicated to them. Each year I come up here and lay white sage, sweetgrass and tobacco to burn on the base of their monument in honor of the Kickapoo warriors.

We took the dutch oven this time camping and hopefully I will be using it more this trip. Yellowstone Lake State Park is nearby and I'm hoping to get out and leave my crawdad trap out overnight. Low Boil anyone?


  1. It looks like a lovely campground! I know you are enjoying yourself.

  2. These are the best kinds of vacations I think. We have the best time getting away from it all. It's strange with all my pampered-ness, I have always loved camping and I have always liked to be out from the peeps.

    I am totally up for a low boil:)

  3. honour those Kickapoo warriors, my friend! and throw down some tobacco for me to honour them! i hope that you have a wonderful time - and i am sending good vibes for much fish! enjoy the low boil!

    your friend,