Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy busy!

I haven't forgotten about you all just been really busy around the farm. Spring has sprung around here and aside from some colder temperatures the next 2 nights, its been getting to be planting season here. I've held off on putting anything new into the ground so far  for fear of a freeze, but the herbs have all come up and the apple trees are getting green. (So far no flowers yet).

The Grey Knight and I spent yesterday (after our 4th trip to Cabelas to get 1 gun! Talk about a corporate screw up!) building a raised bed in the front of the house. We really haven't done much to the front since it's mostly shaded during the day but the handy dandy internet has provided me with a list of shade herbs that I can put in out there.

The county is also big into Prairie restoration around here and is holding a native plant sale. Alot of what they have is on my wish list but will be picking up wild ginger, wild garlic (onion), anise hyssop, and spicebush and some replacement sweetgrass.

Today will be spent tilling a small section of the main garden so that I can get the sweet peas, beets, radishs, carrots and onions in. Those can stand a freeze if necessary. This weekend has been a push around here, as I lose the Grey Knight for the next 3 weekends due to work.

On a bright note, during our trip to Cabela's I found a gentleman in the area that gives bow lessons. I believe I'm gonna start taking some bow hunting lessons.Silent Death from Afar! I really want to use a traditional bow, even have a box of feathers saved for making arrows. Even have a pattern for a traditional quiver that I have been hoarding for years in the like to do box.  The Grey Knight suggests the next step would be finding out how to put explosive charges on the arrows =P

Stay safe, stay prepping!

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