Monday, March 12, 2012

Jumble of Ideas

Several upcoming blog ideas rolling around in my head today. Started a giant crock of homemade saurkraut this weekend. Thank you for St. Patricks Day sales (a preppers friend) was able to get 25 lbs of cabbage for $5.10. As the Grey Knight said , thats less than a gallon of gas and will provide more gas than a tank of it! The 5 gallon crock will ferment for 4 weeks and then be canned up to 9 qts. of kraut.

Also started some fermented lemons this weekend to add to homemade mustard. Very simple to ferment them just add able a tsp of pickling salt to each lemon after its been quartered. Squeeze the juice into a mason jar and add the lemon. Continue til the jar is full. Top with a brine (1 qt water to 1 tbsp salt). Let sit for 4 weeks.

Also been thinking about substitues for WSHTF. It's all nice and good to have 12 bottles of shampoo and umpteen bars of soap. But when that runs out, what can you do to keep clean. Gonna do some experiments with planting Soapwort this year and using it as a soap and shampoo.

Pulling on my native american heritage, I'm gonna try the old fashioned way of getting oil from sunflower seeds. We like our food around here and frankly when SHTF, I plan on eating well, just doing alot more work to get the supplies.


  1. i loves me some good, homemade kraut! love it! and kimchi too! that was a great price for all of that cabbage - i am only feeling just a little jealous - bahahahah!

    my friend Jennifer from makes all of her own soap, shampoo, uses vinegar for conditioner, hand soap, liquid soap, etc. check her out. she is in my blogroll. i can find the appropriate posts for you if you are interested.

    what tribe are you? on our island we have Mi'kmaq (Algonquin) and amazingly enough, the Mi'kmaq and Europeans have always gotten along. something i have always been proud of.

    your friend,

    1. I'm part Cree (part of the Lakota tribe)basically what is called in Canada Metis. Though I believe Metis is a slur.

      I've always had a strong pull to nature and the land, especially herbs (though we do grow most of our own food here as well). Just haven't posted that seed list yet but most of it is started in every south facing window I have .. the ones the cats don't occupy =)

      I will be sure to check out Jennifer's blog. Ordered soapwort seeds tonight....NEED MORE LAND!! Don't we all!