Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few odd ramblings...

For lack of time today and frankly mentally energy, posting a few odd ramblings here today.

Asking for prayers today for myself- dealing with some issues (if you wanna know more, lol email me I don't air my laundry for all on the web)

Also asking for prayers for our good friend BMCD in Montana who is having a potentially life saving procedure today for his terminal illness.

Have you seen this order? If you actually read it, how much of your stuff is on it that they can take?

Turns out we have an individual in our neighborhood that is taking pictures of ladies in their bedrooms. The upside of it is that I have found 2 preppers in our neighborhood , had my suspision about them before.


Hopefully, not answering the phone to deal with my prayer situation. Cleaning out more stuff from the back shed. Weeding (yes weeding in March) in the herb garden along with making some chive oil to pass on to some neighbors and some of my bartering customers.

May your day be pleasant-- Beth and Bear!

1 comment:

  1. Beth - our prayers are with you today! if you want to talk about it - you know my email address. use the personal one. if you don't have the personal one anymore - use kymberzmail@gmail.com

    i sincerely hope that everything is okay with you.

    we will also pray for your friend and send healing thoughts to your friend.

    oh wow - you really have a real, live actual peeping tom? cool. well, not really. but i have just never heard of a real, live one before. but how awesome to have found prepping neighbours - awesome!

    mmmm - chive oil. need the recipe!

    your friend,

    (p.s. - thank you for the beautiful comment that you left on my mouse post. and thank you for the incredibly beautiful compliment that you gave me regarding my beliefs being similar to Native beliefs.)