Thursday, March 15, 2012

Typical Preppers Conversation

Persuing the news stories this morning, ran across this gem. The Grey Knight has a rare day off in the middle of the week so he was reading with me. This news story generated the typical preppers conversation.

News Story-Los Angeles man wakes in the night to find 500-pound bear raiding his fridge

Read more:

A Los Angeles man investigating noises coming from his garage in the middle of the night stumbled upon a 500-pound black bear, with food all over its face, raiding his fridge.
Glendale resident Joey Ball said the hungry bear tore through his freezer, eating tuna and Costco meatballs.
"He had steam coming out of his nose, and he had food on his face. It was crazy!" Ball told KTLA on Wednesday.
The bear apparently entered the garage through an outside door that had been left open.
"He had the refrigerator door open," Ball said. "And he had all these drawers laying around and there was food everywhere.
"As soon as I saw him, he looked at me, I thought, 'uh-oh!' So I locked the door on the dead bolt.
"You could hear him eating, slapping his gums."
Ball called police, who arrived with shotguns, but the bear had already made its escape into the surrounding hills.

While reading the story, the following conversation started:
Me: Obviously this guy wasn't a gun owner.
The Grey Knight: Yeah, I would have been calling you telling you to look up on the web how to gut a bear!
The Grey Knight: Does bear meat make good meatballs?
Me: Don't forget to add tuna to the shopping list at Cosco.
The Grey Knight: Where were I can hang the hide where no one will see it?
Me: Wouldn't be cold if TSHTF...

We could have gone on all day like this. Preppers are a rare and sometimes very wierd breed!


  1. Sorry about the mess, but this new diet is making me unbearable.......

    1. Lol Rob, but dang I can never be that lucky as to bag a bear in the house! Imagining it is almost as much fun as asking park rangers "Say if I hook a turkey with my fishing pole, is it hunting or fishing?"..

  2. bahahahahah! great story, great conversation but i loved the hooking the turkey comment! i'll be giggling for hours!

    your friend,