Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bear or known by his AKC name,Waskii Running Bear, is our 7 month old Newfoundland puppy. He is a new edition to the farm only being here for the last month or so.

Bear started out with a sad story. He is a puppy mill rescue. We thought we were getting him from a reliable breeder but after traveling 10 hours to get him, we found a place in disarray, horrid smells and a puppy who had been sorely mistreated.

Bear was originally bought by the breeder to
 be a stud, so that the breeder could produce more puppies. Unfortunately or fortunately for Bear's sake, his man jewels didn't fully drop making him undesirable for breeding. So since she couldn't breed him, she put him up for sale and stuck him outside on 12 acres of land to run wild with other dogs she has. Bear only saw humans once a day for food.

Newfies are a very social breed with a high drive to please their humans. Bear had none of those opportunies to please his humans before we loaded him up into our truck and vastly changed his world.

Don't get me wrong. Having a 70 lb (at the time) Newfie that had no socialization skills, had never had a car ride, been inside a house, or a crate, wasn't easy. But that said, Bear has intergrated himself well into the farm life here and is fast becoming spoiled rotten.

He will be starting his backpack training shortly. Waiting for the extra large dog harness to come and then constructing it with a set of ATV bags. Finding things big enough for a 90 lb puppy who will grow to be over 200lbs is hard.

You can't see me, right? Right?
Bear has fast become part of our family around here.

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  1. oh Beth - he is a beautiful dog! and no, i can't see his 90lb body hiding in the leaves - bahahah! i love Newfoundlands and we had one named Willie when i was growing up. he used to close his eyes and think he was invisible! they are such great dogs!

    i can't wait to read more about your farmette!

    your friend,