Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chive Oil for Kymber

Olive oil, fresh cut chives from garden, mortar and pestle

(No that's not a rug on the floor, thats Bear sticking as close to Mom as possible!)

Kymber asked for this recipe which is simply easy as ...cake?

This works best with fresh cut chives, use scissors to snip them into small sections, then bruise with mortar and pestle to help release the oils.

Add to canning jar (or whatever jar you wish) then add about 1/2 cup of olive oil, we use EEVO.

Shake and place in fridge, this is best made the day before use, will store up to 5 days in fridge (though I believe it will go a bit longer)

This is great on grilled asparagus  and potatoes!! We love it with a bit of chopped garlic, cubed potatoes in a pan with some of this added. Gives it so much flavor!!

Later this week, I will be making a big batch of chive butter for the freezer. We add the chives to softened unsalted butter, roll it in wax paper to form a cyclinder, then slice off as we need it ...I know this sounds like a heart stopper but its excellent on grilled steaks!


  1. oh me, oh my - i make something very similar when i make our salad dressing. i use EEVO, chives, garlic, ginger, honey and vinegar with the mother in it. i can only imagine how good the chive oil tastes on both asparagus and potatoes - yummeh!

    mmmm - now i am thinking about chive AND garlic butter. i love me some garlic!!!

    thanks so much for sharing the recipe and being thoughtful enough to do a post about it! you are a dear friend!

    your friend,

  2. Did you get your seeds yet Kymber? Not sure how long mail takes to that area?

    And it was my pleasure ..look for a few more kymber marked posts soon!

  3. no seeds yet but we don't have a regular mailbox on our house. we have a shared mailbox at the end of our main road. jambaloney checks it on town days - so we check it once every week or so. he plans on going to town in a few days - hopefully the seeds will be there and then i will have your address to send the ones you want back to you! it's weird here - sometimes we get mail from the US in a few days - other times it takes a couple of weeks. i'll let you know as soon as i get them! i can't wait!

    i always check your new posts from our blog list so i will keep my eye open for all new posts (but especially marked ones - teehee!)

    thanks again my friend!