Sunday, March 18, 2012

So you wanna buy a Gun?

So you wanna buy a gun do you?

This weekend the Grey Knight decided that we needed to purchase another gun for our home defense. After much looking around and comparing and of course a quick question and answer session with our good friend BMCD in Montana, He decided on a Remington 870 12 guage.

Cabela's happened to have this on sale but yet is a 2 hour drive from us.
We get there and encounter the biggest wall of red tape I've ever seen.
After showing his FOID card, which he had to fill out a 4 page questionaire for and paying for this purchase, he then had to answer another questionarie for the government.

Questions included...
height..weight (told him to put 3'4 and 450 lbs just for giggles)
had he ever been convicted of anything...(convicted no...)
Had he ever been declared mentally incapicated..(well depends on who did the declaring, his ex wife thinks he's insane)
had you ever renounced your citizenship to the U.s ..seriously?

As you can see, both of us are bit of smart asses...but here are the questions that we both feel really should be on the federal questionarie.

Have you ever screamed cuss words at the tv while the President or any member of congress is speaking?

Has your picture appeared MORE THAN ONCE in the Post Office?

Are you on a first name basis with a secret service agent?

Do you or have you ever been a member of a militia? (does a milita of 2 count?) Have you ever been or are you now a member of any domestic terrorist organizations such as the NRA, the National Republication Party or The Church of Jesus Christ of the Later Day Saints?

Have you ever used the terms CME, SHTF, BUG OUT, PULSE in a conversation?

Have you ever accused anyone of being a zombie? (The Grey Knight qualfies daily on this one!)

Do you believe the nation is headed for a hyper inflation caused economic collapse with a pandemic brought on by a coronal mass ejection following a nuclear pulse which brings on a tsunumi followed by global warming? (yes we have been watching too much Doomsday preppers)

Just saying at least this would be a true depiction of who the government doesn't want to have guns...

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