Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pioneer Handbooks-Free

Disclaimer-I don't work for this site nor receive monies from them.

On browsing for options for candle making supplies the other day, I stumbled on this great site that requires a little song and dance but is completely free.

This site has 60 or so manuals from the late 1800s for pioneers traveling west.

Manuals include 19 cooking manuals including some on preserving over 27 farming manuals, and even some on buildings and bingo for me, medical manuals.

Though some of the info of course is outdated. The Grey Knight and I had a chuckle reading over the medical manual's instructions to keep a fire burning in the house through May since it would drive off the malarial air. That said, there was info to be gleaned from these manuals. The Medical one has several recipes for teas. You, of course, have to figure out measurements as it is in the speech of the day.

Here is the song and dance about the site though. It requires registration along with a physical address and phone number. 1112 Main St Anywhere, Any World works along with the number for information. OPSEC is we don't randomly give out our personal info. The Grey Knight and I even have disposable email accounts registered under internet names..=P. Once you register and put the manuals you want in your basket, simply check out and they send a PDF file to your email account.

Found the manuals to be virus free and safe to open.

If you are looking for how the settlers survived and some thinking outside the box on how to do it, check it out.


  1. thanks for the info - i am going to check out the site now. i don't think there is such a thing as having too much information at hand if/when SHTF! again thanks!

    your friend,

  2. Same here...Would love a peek at those Famous herbalore binders you got left..I have several binders started from home building to medicine to how to make things the old fashioned way.

    BTW your seeds shipped yesterday. Had to declare them on a customs form. Hope they make it!

  3. I am going right now to check out that site. If they come for me, they will find no prepping to matter to anyone. That will give the rest of you time to run! Just come spring me.